Dharmik Live Trading

After studying the current market situation of live trading, we came to the decision to start a service of managing costumers accounts. We will be able to trade your account for you, using our own trading systems and signals.

How can we do live trading

All you have to do is to open a trading account on an international broker (that uses Metatrader platform for their services) – the account will be opened on your name and you will have full time direct access on it, transfer a capital that you are comfortable assigning us, and send us your trading account ID details. After that, we will add your account in our costumer’s list and every time we will open a new trade in our own account it will be executed into your account too. That simple!

What we trade

We can trade several products but for the moment our main focus is on Stock Indices (DAX, DOW, SP&500) so please check if your brokerage company provides them. If not, please consider opening a trading account at Admiral Markets.


For the moment our main partner (brokerage account) is Admiral Markets. Admiral Markets is a significant company in this domain with offices in many countries in the world. The main website is http://www.admiralmarketsglobal.com/ All you have to do is to choose your local website (they have offices in many countries on the world) register on it (you can contact them directly or online), create your trading account (it should be a Standard Account, not Pro or MT5) and transfer your initial capital to Admiral Markets bank account (they will instruct you with all the necessary details). You can open an account on your name, or on another person’s name, or on your company’s name, this is on your preference (but you will have to inform us of your decision).  After registering, you’ll have on their website your personal account (with username and password) where you will have private access to your trading accounts. From this account you will create your Standard trading account (mentioned above) and you will have to send us your account number and master password for it). With that information we will have access to your trading account and we will be able to trade your capital.

Fees for our live trading services

Regarding the fees, this is a free service without a flat fee per month. The only fee is a percent of the net profit made by us for you during the month. We will send you a monthly statement with your current situation and as long as the balance will be positive, we will invoice you our share. You can withdraw that amount from your trading account, or just pay us from your bank account and leave your trading account growing. This is also at your decision. Our fees are between 20-50% and are depending on your initial capital invested. They can be personalized to your profile! For this, please contact us directly.


Also, a very important aspect, we can work with risk like 0.1% per transaction, 0.5% per transaction and even 2-3% per transaction. This can bring smaller or higher returns but also, in a case of a bad period of trading, can diminish your balance. We usually would recommend a higher risk for smaller account size and lower risk for bigger account size.

Performances of live trading services

Until now, Dharmik Live Trading services succeeded to provide for its costumers a general profit around 15-50% per year, for a risk per trade under or near 1%. However, in financial markets past results are not a guarantee for future performances. The yearly returns can be even higher, but it is very important to understand that this can be achieved with higher risks! Considering this, we work with a risk per trade up to 1-1.5%. We don’t encourage you to raise your risk per trade, but only to consider growing your investments into your trading account. This will occur in time, after our partnership achieves your expectation.

Capital for live trading

Our minimum required capital is 10.000 Euro. You should have at least this amount when we start our partnership for Dharmik Live Trading. In this way, with a risk let’s say of 1%-2% it can bring a decent profit at the end of the year, for both parts. After a period of time, if you will be satisfied with the results, you can raise your investment at any level you will desire.

If you don’t have a trading account:

  1. Please open an account at Admiral Markets using this link http://www.admiralmarketsglobal.com/.
  2. On your personal account from Admiral please create a Standard trading account.
  3. Transfer your initial capital from your bank account to Admiral bank account to start trading.
  4. Please register using our registration page with all the details mentioned there.
  5. Contact us to establish the fees and type of collaboration.
If you already have a trading account:
  1. Please register using our registration page with all the details mentioned there.
  2. Contact us to establish the fees and type of collaboration.


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