Dharmik Forecasts

dharmik-analysesAs you have already found out, our services are based on providing a complex and comprehensive analysis that forecast the evolution of some of the most important financial products in the world. The basis for the final result is fundamental analysis, astrological analysis and technical analysis.

Our analyses will include:

  • A general view for the next week;
  • A general description of each day of the following week;
  • 2-3 signals per month (this can be sent during the week at any time);
  • Usually, our analysis is sent Monday morning;

For this service there is a flat fee per month/quarter or year depending on the period you desire to subscribe.

The steps for subscribing to this service are:
Dharmik Analyses

90 €

240 €

  • You will receive our confirmation in 1 business day and you’ll start receiving our analyses;
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