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Dharmik Team Services
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The terms and conditions apply to all services of Dharmik Team in addition to the provisions for each service.


By reading any material on this website you must agree to the following disclaimer: Although all information has been researched to the best of our knowledge, we cannot make any claims concerning the accuracy or validity of the information provided on this website and will not be held liable for any use thereof. Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the user or reader and we cannot assume any responsibility at all for those individual decisions. In case of Live Trading services you confirm that you agree with all our decisions taken in your behalf. No information or opinion expressed on this website is a solicitation to buy or sell securities, bonds, futures or any other financial instruments. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future forecasting accuracy or profitable trading results. All transactions in the financial markets are risky. No information on this website is intended to be used as the sole basis of any investment decisions, nor should it be construed as advice designed to meet the investment needs of any particular investor.

Trade License

For legal reasons we are obliged to point out that all services and forecasts offered are solely based on personal interpretation. We are not a financial advisor or management consultant and do not engage in any activity like this.


All content included on this website, such as graphics, logos, articles and other materials, is the property of our organization or others and is protected by copyright and other laws. All trademarks and logos displayed on this website are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with our organization.


Payment is usually effected by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) through the payment services of http://www.paypal.com .


Subscribers receive email updates to one email address specified.

Cancellation of Newsletter / Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for any Dharmik Team subscriptions except as stated below under paragraph 7.
We reserve the right to delay unannounced with 48 hours at most the mailing of an analysis due to unexpected technical problems. As soon as the problem is fixed the analysis will be send immediately. This type of problem is generally rare because we have two possibilities of electronic access.
The monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly Dharmik Team subscription through PayPal can be cancelled at any time (even one day or a few hours BEFORE the subscription renews automatically) by completing the following three steps below:

1) Log into your Paypal account with your Paypal username (email address) and password that has been created upon subscription.
2) Click on Dharmik Team Subscription. Click on “details” next to the Dharmik Team subscription.
3) Now choose “Cancel Subscription” and then “Confirm Cancel Subscription”. That is all.
Paypal will now automatically send an email to both Dharmik Team and yourself that confirms that your subscription has been cancelled. Keep this email for your records.

If you cannot find your subscription, because it is already a few months old, do the following for step 2)

Click on the “History” tab (the third tab after “Overview”) within your Paypal account, then under “Search – Show” choose “Subscriptions” from a drop down menu and click “Within” and select “The Past Year”. Now Paypal will list all your subscriptions sorted after the date of sign up during the last year. Look until you find the “Dharmik Team subscription”. Click on “details” next to the Dharmik Team subscription.
If you are still not able to cancel your subscription for whatever reasons, then you must contact Paypal either by email or by telephone or e-mail us to notify him of difficulties with Paypal.

Important Notice: If you have subscribed via Paypal, notifying Dharmik Team by email of your wish to cancel your subscription, will NOT cancel your Dharmik Team subscription. The reason for this is that Dharmik Team does not refill your credit card, only Paypal does. Therefore the only way to cancel your subscription is to contact Paypal directly or to follow the three simple steps outlined above. Subscribers are encouraged to contact (e-mail) Dharmik Team for feedback or market-related questions, but should take care of administrative procedures themselves.

Upon cancellation you will still receive daily updates and be able to log into the subscriber area until the final day that your subscription terminates.

Legal notice

To the fullest extent allowed by law, www.futureanalyzer.com (website) and its advisers shall not be liable, whether in tort (including negligence) or otherwise howsoever, for any losses, damages, costs or expenses of whatever nature incurred or suffered by you or any third party arising out of or in connection with the access to or use of, or linking to other websites from, this website or reliance on any information contained on this website or other services from this website. Your use of this website and use or reliance upon any of the materials on it is solely at your own risk. We are reserving the right to cease all services at any time without giving reasons.

Privacy Policy

All personal data are used for accounting and customer administration only. We do not release any data to third parties. However, we cannot influence the privacy policy of any third party arising out of or in connection with the access to or use of our services, therefore we are not able to make any guarantees in this regard.

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