Retrograde motion of Mercury and Venus

In this article we will discuss about retrograde planets.  We will see the influence this astrological aspect has over people (traders included!). We will find out when these aspects happened in the past and what the effect was over financial markets. At the end we will draw the conclusions.

What does a retrograde planet mean?


From early schooling, we know the planets in our solar system revolve in orbit around the Sun. In astrology, all of these orbits are considered from our place here on Earth. As individuals, our place here on Earth is our place of birth. Thus, as the Earth revolves around the Sun, our view of the other planets in the solar system can become somewhat skewed and distorted. Because the other planets are moving at different speeds, there will be times when it will appear from Earth that a planet is not moving at all and times when a planet is actually moving backwards when viewed against the backdrop of a fixed star. In such periods, the planet is said to be in retrograde motion.

On some charts, and in the ephemeris (an almanac of the daily planetary positions), planets which are in retrograde are denoted by a tiny R after the degree and minute designation. While older astrology books may suggest that retrograde planets in the birth chart are debilitated in some way, modern literature has mostly dropped this. At most, a suggestion that a retrograde planet may denote delayed development of factors relating to that planet. Many astrologers barely mention the retrograde status of a planet in the natal chart.

The Sun and Moon are never in retrograde motion.

What influence has a retrograde planet over people?


Modern astrologers do pay attention to retrograde planets in their transit. Again, the tendency is to view periods of retrograde as being negative. The most popular planet to watch is Mercury. When Mercury goes retrograde, astrologers believe that many of the everyday affairs ruled by Mercury are disrupted. When Mercury is retrograde, mental mistakes abound. Travel plans are often messed up. Misunderstandings occur. Diehard believers will refrain from making any sort of contract when Mercury is retrograde.

When Mercury is retrograde, it is considered to be a time of problems with interaction, travel and even the simple basic workings of things. It is also thought that the general averse aspects of a retrograde planetary motion carry over into the lives of the people born under them as a part of their lifetime astrological chart.

In general, Venus, the goddess of love, rules feelings and emotion, aesthetics and tastes, fashions and all forms of desire, money and wealth. Venus rules social attitudes and behaviour, along with aesthetic tastes and inclinations. Venus symbolises female relationships and social interactions at every level. Venus indicates our values. She governs romance, marriage and other partnerships, capacity for humour, and the pursuit of pleasure.

During a retrograde period the things Venus influences will be less apparent, or be of less concern to the world. Visual sensibilities are reduced. People dress with less flair and our colour sense tends to be muted. This is not the time to purchase clothes or jewellery, change one’s make-up or hairstyle. Redecorating or refurbishing homes or business should also be avoided, though there is no reason why decisions that have been made earlier should not be allowed to come to fruition during this period.

With Venus retrograde, the pace of relationships slows down and this is not the best time to get married or give big parties. Since Venus rules diplomacy, slowdowns in all sorts of negotiations can be expected, including industrial disputes, legal issues and diplomatic endeavors.

It is a time when we are called upon to go back and take care of unfinished business. Often we are forced to deal with deep feelings that have their origins in past events. They are activated on an inner level but are often difficult to express to ourselves or others while Venus is retrograde.

 When were Mercury and Venus retrograde planets in the last years?


This is a table with the time periods when the two planets were in retrograde motion:

Date Planetary station Exact degree
Jul 4, 2006 Mercury turns retrograde 01Leo22
Jul 29, 2006 Mercury turns direct 21Can03
Oct 28, 2006 Mercury turns retrograde 25Sco04
Nov 17, 2006 Mercury turns direct 09Sco03
Feb 14, 2007 Mercury turns retrograde 10Pis13
Mar 8, 2007 Mercury turns direct 25Aqu24
Jun 16, 2007 Mercury turns retrograde 11Can35
Jul 10, 2007 Mercury turns direct 02Can28
Oct 12, 2007 Mercury turns retrograde 09Sco04
Nov 1, 2007 Mercury turns direct 23Lib21
Jan 28, 2008 Mercury turns retrograde 23Aqu52
Feb 19, 2008 Mercury turns direct 08Aqu19
May 26, 2008 Mercury turns retrograde 21Gem32
Jun 19, 2008 Mercury turns direct 12Gem58
Sep 24, 2008 Mercury turns retrograde 22Lib50
Oct 15, 2008 Mercury turns direct 07Lib34
Date Planetary station Exact degree
Dec 24, 2005 Venus turns retrograde 1Aqu28
Feb 3, 2006 Venus turns direct 16Cap02
Jul 27, 2007 Venus turns retrograde 02Vir57
Sep 8, 2007 Venus turns direct 16Leo35
What happened with financial markets during these astrological periods?


Let’s see some charts depicting these periods and the indicators evolution:

retrograde 1 retrograde 2 retrograde 3 retrograde 4 retrograde 5 retrograde 6 retrograde 7 retrograde 8 retrograde 9



All retrograde periods for Mercury show the same clear pattern of evolution every time in the last three years. The retrograde motion lasts approximately three weeks. During this astrological aspect the chart falls in the first half of the time period then rises. When we have at the same time some other astrological aspects, the decrease is more important and the period of ascension disappears.

Retrograde Mercury generates periods of clear decline.

Venus has the same effect when retrograde. The aspect lasts however twice as long. This is why we will see the same evolution pattern twice: decline, ascension and again decline and ascension. This happened every time in the last three years.

Is it a coincidence that during the last three years in more than 10 cases the financial market acted the same?

We have also analyzed many past years and the rules apply. You can verify the correlation also if you are attracted to this kind of research work

By showing you this study we are not trying to convince you that astrology is perfect. We just want to highlight the fact that there are correct ways of predicting the local High and Low and the reversal points. These kinds of studies helped us along the years build our trading system, the system we are basing our analysis and forecasts on.

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