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From several years ago we decided to offer a service named “Dharmik Learning Program”.

With this product, we intend to explain you our system and all the reasons and steps in elaborating our daily analysis. If you want only to know what the market can do it’s enough to buy our “Dharmik Forecasts”. But if you want to know HOW we get to the conclusions of our analysis, then you could need this “Dharmik Learning Program” product. For this product, you don’t need any special prior information. If you have it’s only for the best. If not we can explain you step by step. Most of our work is of course made with the help of astrology and Gann’s work. If you have some information about this it would be very good. If not we’ll start from the beginning. But you need something for this! You need to want to learn new stuff and to accept them exactly like we’ll describe. After you’ll understand this, you’ll be able, just for yourself, to work more on this system and to make it even better.

This entire “learning course” consists of lessons. 8 lessons it depends on your actual level. We’ll provide software for astrological use (the ones with free license). These lessons will be in PDF format and we’ll explain you step by step astrology and what we use from this big domain in our method, some very important information from Gann’s work and our method of using them, some technical analysis and some “psychology” to become a better trader. After each lesson, we’ll expect questions and comments. After you’re sure that you understood it we’ll send you next lesson. And so on until the end. All communication will be made by email. If you’ll desire the course can be faster, 2-3 lessons per week or all at once.


Dharmik Learning Program
Course 1 – 8 (490 euro)

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