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Welcome to our financial services website. We offer you valuable information and forecasts for worldwide financial instruments evolution. Our analysis is the result of teamwork and cooperation between different fields. We use technical and fundamental analysis for the best signals in the market. Also, we complete our work with an astronomical point of view, trying to take into account any relevant information that may be beneficial to our customers. The result is a harmonious merge between three types of analysis (technical, fundamental and astronomy). This outcome offers you both accurate forecasts together with clear methods on how and when to enter and exit the market.

We offer you weekly clean-cut analysis together with graphic pictures for main financial markets. We also include in our forecast clear trading signals. The stages and methods for creating such an analysis are complex. Step by step we developed a system that encompasses the three ways of predicting stock market evolution. In this way, nothing remains subjective or misunderstood. The one using this analysis doesn’t have to study technical analysis or astronomy (although some basic information would be useful). The analysis is very easy to understand. We have decided to focus mainly on the market indexes like Dow Jones, SP500 or Dax, EUR/USD and GBP/USD, but you can also find occasional analysis for Oil, Gold, different forex currencies or different stocks.

We are a team of three members, each of us specialized in different financial fields – Daniel is a former trader, Christopher is our analyst and Patel is our astronomy specialist. We are DHARMIK TEAM! We are here from 2006!

In order for you to understand and use our analysis, you don’t need to have extensive knowledge of financial analysis. You should though learn the basics. We advise you to take the time to read the articles we provide. This way you will better understand the analysis, you will be able to better interpret it and your decisions during trading sessions will be more informed. The evolution of the financial market will be revealed to you in a new and more interesting light. Everything will get clearer and will make more sense. You can find bellow top five articles:

Nr. Name of the article Author
1 William Ganns Square of Nine Dharmik Team
2 The stochastic oscillator, a harmonious system of trading Dharmik Team
3 Important aspects between planets and their influence over financial markets Dharmik Team
4 What should I trade? Dow, S&P 500 e-mini – CFD or futures? Dharmik Team
5 Fibonacci Dharmik Team

As you have already found out, our services are based on providing a complex and comprehensive analysis that forecasts the evolution of some of the most important financial products in the world. The basis for the final result is fundamental analysis, astronomy analysis and technical analysis. Dharmik Forecasts is our top service and subscribing to it you will receive:

Dharmik Forecasts

Our analyses will include:

  1. A general view for the next week for main stock markets (Dax, Dow Jones, SP500) and Forex (EURUSD) – pictures and comments;
  2. A general description of each day of the following week;
  3. Main turning points for each day of the following week;
  4. Forex calendar;
  5. 2-4 signals per month (this can be sent during Monday or during the week at any time);
  6. Our analysis is sent Monday morning;

For making an exact impression of what we are offering, you can find HERE an archive of some of our most recent forecasts. Please download it and check for yourself to see if our forecasts meet your trading expectations.

For this service there is a flat fee per month/quarter or year depending on the period you desire to subscribe. After subscribing you will receive our confirmation in 1 business day.

The regular price is 170 euro/month. Only with this promotion, the price will decrease by 50%!

Subscribe now for only 85 euro/month!

Have a green day!

Thank you,
Dharmik Team

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