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aboutusWe are Dharmik Team!

The beginning was relatively classical. Daniel Norris started as a trader on international markets since 2004. He worked for various companies and banks in order to study and gain experience in the field of trading. During these years he had known success but also found himself dissatisfied with the financial market analysis’ lack of vision and the conventionalism of the analysis conceived inside the technical analysis departments. Wanting to find something else, something special, he discovered astrology. He met Christopher Wilson, a passionate for European astrology. Christopher used his knowledge to study people and their lives, to understand different events in everyday existence, to predict future reactions and events. They were opened to new approaches in their field of study so immediately connected. Joining forces and advancing further in their research, Daniel and Christopher realized that their glorious predecessors (William Delbert Gann especially) also studied Vedic (Indian) astrology. Trying to get more information on this aspect, they found Ashwini Patel who was familiar with this domain. She joined the team with great enthusiasm. This is how the Dharmik team was born in 2006.

Who are we more exactly?

In the following you can find some information about each of us:

Daniel Norris
  • Born in UK, university graduate, has a masters degree in economics;
  • Worked as a trader and financial analyst for international financial companies in UK and Europe. He has known success and failure also;
  • Since 2004 he dedicated his time to searching and studying new and improved ways for a more accurate prediction of the financial market; he was one of the first who started this project and whow brought this team together.
Christopher Wilson
  • Born in UK, he has a degree in economics;
  • Since adolescence he was a passionate for astrology and put the basis of his knowledge at this age. He took different astrology courses and further studied this domain even after graduation. Initially he put his knowledge into practice by interpreting astro-charts for different persons; – After meeting Daniel he focused on financial astrology.
Ashwini Patel
  • She was born in India and is a graduate of foreign language university;
  • Indian culture and Vedic astrology are a part of who she is. Yet she decided to go further and deepen her knowledge in these fields of interes;.
  • After meeting Daniel and Christopher she quickly became captivated by their ideas and had a great contribution in developing the project.

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