If you got here it means you are satisfied with what you have found on our site until now and you would like to work with us. We are very happy with your decision and we sincerely hope together we will succed.

We offer two types of services:

Dharmik Live Trading                                               
  • with this service you will receive live signals broadcasted automatically into your live account;
  • after we make the connections between your brokerage trading account an our main servers, all our signals and trades will be instantly executed for you too;
  • you’ll receive a monthly statements with your balance;
  • you’ll have full time direct access to your investments;
  • this is a free service without a flat fee; the only tax is a percent of the net profit made by us for you during the month;
  • more details…
Dharmik Analyses
  • with this service you will receive from us daily/weekly/monthly and yearly forecasts for US Indices (Dow Jones) and EURUSD;
  • all analyses are sent by email to you;
  • for this service there is a subscription fee;
  • more details…
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